Mercer County Board member proposes sanctuary county for gun owners

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MERCER COUNTY, Illinois-- The small towns in Mercer County could soon be a sanctuary for gun owners.

During a meeting last Tuesday County Board Member, Brian Anseeuw proposed a resolution for Mercer County to become a sanctuary county to protect gun owners rights.

"Essentially we’re saying that we don’t want the state to intrude on our second amendment right," said Anseeuw.

While lawmakers in Springfield are working towards stricter gun control, he claims they're infringing on the right to bear arms. Illinois currently has several pieces of legislature such as banning bump stocks.

"Every time a disaster like this gun violence happens the politicians jump on the bandwagon of making the law-abiding citizen the problem," said Anseeuw looking back on the Florida and Las Vegas shootings.

Anseeuw said the answer is not about changing laws, but enforcing the ones currently in place. The county board member feels confident residents will support the resolution.

"I'd like to see the laws we have on the books enforced now and not encroaching on our second amendment right," said Jeff Phillips, Mercer County resident.

"I think it's important that we have the ability to protect ourselves but I also think that we have to be careful with how people are getting guns and ammunition and things like that, I have children and I want to know that they're safe I want to know that they're safe in our schools and safe in our neighborhood and community," said Melissa Korns, Mercer County resident.

The proposal is still in the beginning stages. Anseeuw is looking to adopt Effingham County's resolution as a template. They adopted a similar gun sanctuary resolution in April. 

The Mercer County Board is expected to vote on the resolution sometime this summer.

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