What killed the oak trees at Aledo’s Oak View Country Club

ALEDO, Illinois -- A tree disease caused Oak View Country Club to lose about 300 of its oak trees.

It's called Oak Wilt, which is a fungal disease that most predominately poses a threat to red oaks.  Oak View Country Club had been battling the tree disease for nearly a decade when leaders decided it was time to remove them.

According to Grounds Superintendent John Kesinger, loggers were hired to cut down the trees, but were able to salvage some for sale.

"It was a big impact on the way the club looked," said Kesinger, but plans were quickly underway to replenish the woodsy aesthetic.

New varieties of trees were expected to be planted throughout the month of May.  And as for the oaks, "they'll plant new oak trees," Kesinger said. "We were fortunate to save some of the older oak trees, there just won't be quite as many."

The club also underwent some improvements at the start of their spring 2018 season.  They put in a new deck, new roof, new car paths and new parking lots.

Aside from the trees being uprooted, the golf course is still running.