Milan family wants a stop light at Rt 67 intersection after they say two teens were almost killed

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MILAN-- The intersection is at Highway 67 and Illinois 94 just outside of Milan, Illinois.

"It's quite common there. You hear sirens, and you usually know there's an accident over there," says Rose White, who lives just down the street.

People like Rose and her daughter Kylee Thompson who live near the area say they're used to hearing those sirens and seeing those flashing lights.

"I say a little prayer, please, especially when my family is crossing, please let me get across this intersection without an accident," says White.

Last Friday, White says those prayers paid off.

Rose's grandsons were crossing that intersection, and they got hit.

Mom Kylee Thompson wasn't far behind.

"When we were getting ready to turn is when we heard the crash, and we saw the glass and all the dirt that was spinning around, and we realized it was our children," says Thompson.

Mother and daughter say there needs to be a traffic light at the intersection to slow everyone down. They say the problem is drivers go too fast, trying to pass trucks. It's also hard to see what's coming.

But the Rock Island County Sheriff says it's not that easy.

His stats show there have been 12 accidents over the past two years. He says while people do go too fast, he doesn't consider it a problem area.

But for White and Thompson, it's personal now.

"I almost lost my grandsons. I don't want it to happen to anyone else," says White.

White says she is writing letters to city alderman and Rock Island County board members asking for their support on getting a light installed.

They say they won't stop until they see change.

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