Teens questioned about a stolen Hummer in Moline not charged, released back onto the streets

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MOLINE, Illinois -- Three teenage boys, ages 13, 14, and 14, were released back into the streets on May 1 after they were questioned by Moline Police about a stolen Hummer.

Less than two hours after being taken into custody, the teens were released. Two of them, a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old, were found walking back to Davenport from Moline.

"They let us up out of there, we walking the streets." said one teen.

WQAD's Chris Minor asked the teens why they were not in school. They responded that they were "thuggin".

The teens were not charged with a crime, but one of them did have a message for victims of the stolen car epidemic in the Quad Cities.

"Tell these (expletive) stop leaving their car running. (Expletive) need to stop leaving their cars unlocked and keys in the car. They stop doing that, there won't be more stoleys," he said. "It's not us, it's their fault. They leave their keys in the car."

The teens say they were only scared, when they saw the dogs, but the rest, appeared to be one big joke.

"We're just running and joyriding," a teen told News 8. "You only live once, so you should live it right. We live it to the fullest, we're having fun."



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