Rock Island County Health Department is helping residents with medical marijuana card applications

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - The Rock Island County Health Department is helping Illinois residents with applications for medical marijuana cards.

Help will be available starting on Friday, May 4.

In 2017, 90% of medical marijuana applications had some type of error in them.

The health department says they hope helping applications fill out their applications will allow the process to move much faster.

"We are not approving anybody. We are not certifying that they are eligible." said Janet Hill, COO of the Rock Island County Health Department. "We are just helping fill out the applications. It is a multi-step process to fill out the applications."

One of the steps is that a doctor must certify that a patient has at least one of the 41 medical conditions that qualifies you to obtain a card.

Conditions on the list include glaucoma, Aids, and PTSD.