Caterpillar, Arconic hit by higher operating costs

MOLINE- Caterpillar is looking to bounce back after its stock took a nose dive the week of Monday, April 23.

Investment Advisor Mark Grywacheski joined us Monday. April 30 on Good Morning Quad Cities. Grywacheski said the company set a record in its first quarter earnings, but their operating costs are also rising.

He says the rate of the U.S. 10 year treasure note continues to climb, and that could impact how much businesses spend in the future.

"If the rate on the U.S. 10 year treasury note continues to rise above three percent and would push mortgage rate to 4.5 percent or 5.5 percent, it starts to materially impact cost and buying behavior," Grywacheski said Monday. "That translates to corporate America when they look to consider financing the expansion of an operation or to purchase additional machinery or equipment."

As of 10:35 a.m. Monday, Caterpillar's stock had gained more than $1.20. Arconic's stock had dropped by more than $3.30. Deere and Company's stock had dropped by more than $0.85.