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Local Ford dealerships prepare to roll with big changes, trading in sedans for SUVs

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Grace Madison’s new SUV is getting all of her attention, she traded in her old four door sedan for and SUV about four months ago, and she says she has never looked back.

“I love it, I will never buy another car,” says Madison.

She says it is big enough to fit her growing family, but still stylish.

Russell Marshall, from Crowe Ford dealership says it’s a trend he’s seen grow, that’s why he was not surprised by the Ford’s announcement to stop selling several four door sedans. Instead the company will concentrate on hybrids and big SUVs and Pickups.

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Marshall can already see the trend reflected in the number of cars he sells. Out of the 150 cars at Crowe Ford only about 20 of them are sedans.

“You see cross overs and trucks more often than cars,” says Marshall.

That’s because of a changing economy especially when compared to 2008.

“Years back when our fuel prices went up, everybody with a big SUV ran back to a car. The minute gas prices went down they went back to a big SUV again,” says Marshall.

And bring in new customers like Grace.

“I call my car my boyfriend... this is my new boyfriend,” says Madison.

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