Garden experts say it’s still too early to start planting your garden

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BETTENDORF-- It's probably safe to say that we're in the warm temperatures for good now but that doesn't mean you should start planting.

Garden Experts over at Wallace's Garden Center say mother nature is tricky and can still dip those temps back down and harm your plants.

Horticulturist, Juli Hurley, says one of the common mistakes people do this time of year is planting too early, especially when it comes to vegetables. She says it's still too early for tomatoes, peppers, and other warm crops.

"The night time temperatures are still dropping down or we could have a cold snap out of nowhere so I don't recommend people plant their warm crops yet," said Hurley.

According Garden expert Craig Hignight said he doesn't recommend planting for another few weeks. But in the mean time start preparing the garden bed.

"I think it's time to get out there get that step one,  which is  get your crabgrass preventer on the lawn now," said Hignight.

He says the best time to start planting is after Mothers Day on May 15th.

"We can go out and work the soil that's the thing I always tell people this time of the year we're normally getting all kinds of rain you can't dig because you turn the soil into clods if you work it too wet the soil has dried out so we can at least get the beds ready."



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