Volunteers help create ‘beautiful’ memories for special education students on Prom night

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STERLING-- Members of the community rallied together to make sure special education students in Sterling had a special night to remember.

As students in the special education program get ready for prom, hairspray filled the air of a classroom inside the Whiteside Area Career Center,

One by one, girls sat down in front of volunteer beauticians to get their hair curled and makeup perfectly applied for their special day.

A special moment because looking back at life four years ago they would have never known what it would be like.

"Some of the kids were curious watching other high school students go and so we thought well hey why can't we do it," said Kim Martin.

Martin has worked in the school district for 11 years.

Four years ago, she began working with the community to try and make sure that her students had an equal opportunity to have prom be a night to remember.

From the amount of stylists to gowns donated, the amount of support the Bi-County Prom receives grows each year.
It is as if everyone wants to give these special students a special day that they'll never forget.
 "The more the merrier I mean as you can see we have a lot of girls that want to get their hair done and their makeup done and look pretty," said volunteer Nichole Dugger.
This year is Dugger's first year volunteering and she said she heard about the dance through one of the students when they asked Dugger to do her hair for the special occasion.
 All of the volunteers donate their time and products and the experience is enough to put a smile on everyone's face.
"Just seeing the smile and the glow on their faces it's indescribable. I mean they are so happy. It just means the world to them, it's something that a lot of them have never done before and  getting their hair done their makeup done the boys getting dressed up in a tuxedos; it's just special," said Martin.
For the students the experience is more than just hair and makeup.
 "I have all my friends here with me, I have all my supporters, so it really means a lot to me,"
said senior Markeesha Glover. Glover has been to three proms now and each year her favorite part has been getting ready with her classmates.
Once everyone is finished getting ready the students get to show off their looks as they walk through the hallway towards the bus.
As fellow peers line the hallway to cheer them on.
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