Finding a job after Younkers and Bergner’s shut down

MUSCATINE, Iowa-- Going out of business sales start at Bergner and Younkers stores Friday, April 19.

Store employees say clearance prices will be storewide at Younkers, Bergner’s and other Bon-Ton owned stores.

The retail giant shutdown includes the Younkers store in the Muscatine Mall, which is one of the last anchor stores at the location.

And with every empty store front, and every shut down business, there are lost jobs.

Iowa workforce representative Mark Holloway says it is hard to look for a job after getting the news it is time to go.

“It is always sad to hear that someone is losing their job, you know that people work hard. They would come to work and want to contribute to the company and when they find out that the company is closing, that’s really an emotional attachment that’s being broken,” says Holloway.

Dusting off the resume and seeking help from agencies like his can help get employees back on their feet.

“There are 2,000 jobs open in Scott County and 4,000 in the Quad Cities, so there is a job for you,” says Holloway.

Bon-Ton stores will shut down by the end of August.