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First grade Bettendorf teacher opens salon in classroom

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BETTENDORF-- Students are happy to be here in Miss Hill's special classroom at Jefferson Elementary school in Bettendorf. It's not just special because of the pint sized people who fill it. It's special because it's not just a classroom. It's also a hair salon.

"Our appointment sheets call it the First Grade Salon," says Emily Hill.

Every day, students can schedule an appointment to get the latest trending style. The salon is open for two appointment slots before school, and one after lunch recess Monday through Friday by appointment only.

"Most of my clients are girls, but it is open to anybody that wants to sign up," says Hill.

But there's a catch. The styles aren't free. All clients have to pay.

"You have to pick out a book to read to Miss Hill," says first grade client Nora Dunbar.

Every style costs ten minutes of reading, reading out loud to Miss Hill, the stylist.

"My favorite part is I get to spend time with my kiddos without having to put any extra pressure on them. I don't have to do assessments on them. They don't have to solve any problems. I just get to listen to them read and hang out with them," says Hill.

The First Grade Salon has a five star review.

"They love it, yes. They always remind me if I forget to hand them reminder sheets, or they'll find me in the teacher's lounge if I don't come down the hallways quick enough," says Hill.

Miss Hill makes the love of learning the new trend.

"Once you get into first grade, you do all these kid of fun stuff, and Miss Hill is super exciting and fun," says Nora Dunbar.

Now Nora is inspired. She opened up her own salon, Cat Hair Salon, at home.

"Since my cat is a boy, I have him a tiny-itty-bitty Mohawk. All he had to do was meow," says Dunbar.

In this special place with all the latest trends, learning is always in style.

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