Hope Creek Care Center wants to cut expenses by filling nursing jobs

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Hope Creek Care Center hopes to cut expenses by filling some 15 nursing positions at a Job Fair on Thursday, April 19.

It will run from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 4343 Kennedy Drive in East Moline, Illinois.

Executive Director Cassie Baker warns that the nursing shortage is reaching a crisis situation.  It's a shortage that's also increasing Hope Creek's debt.

"Our biggest expense is agency costs," she said, on Tuesday, April 17.  "It's something we can control."

But with 250 employees, there aren't enough nurses to go around.  The care center must cover those shifts with an outside agency.  Per job, that can cost $44 per hour.

"Some months can average $80,000 for agency costs," Baker said.

Reason enough for it to hold a Job Fair.  It's looking for Registered Nurses (starting at $25 per hour), LPN's (starting at $19.57) and CNA's (starting at $12.46).

Hope Creek is also offering shift incentives and excellent benefits.

"We'll obviously do on-the-spot interviews for anybody that is qualified for the positions," she said.

Baker is trying to reverse the stigma surrounding Hope Creek.  She says that some nurses are reluctant to apply because of the center's hard times and past history.

"We want to make sure that we have these resources for our community members," she said.  "But it's very difficult to do that when you have these expenses that are so high."

Hope Creek continues to face money troubles. It can ease some of that burden by filling vacant jobs.

"We're looking to get some people on our books this Thursday," she concluded.


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