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Lawmaker says bill for DCFS workers should be resurrected

MOLINE - An area lawmaker says a bill that enhances the penalty for attacks on DCFS workers should have the chance to be reconsidered in Springfield.

Pam Knight, a DCFS worker from Dixon , was brutally beaten on the job last September. She later died.

State Rep. Tony McCombie of Savanna says she and Knight's family will be in Springfield on Tuesday, with hopes of convincing  certain committee members of advancing the bill in Knight's honor.

The bill would boost the  penalty for a physical attack on a DCFS worker on the job, and make it punishable by four to 15 years in prison.

The bill died in committee last week, because McCombie says, right now the Democratic majority is not interested in hearing bills that will increase prison sentences. But, she says, this bill has nothing to do with criminal justice reform.

"It was a loud and clear message. It was completely political" she said.

"This is not a bill to make an example of," she said on Monday.

McCombie said she called Knight's family with the news.

"I had to call and give them the news that their bill wasn't going to be called.Pam Knight deserves so  much more than what she got. To have the state of Illinois treat them with such disrespect. It's a complete injustice, they are very disgusted, very discouraged, and mad," she said.