Clinton County jail project taking on new shape

Concrete walls are going up and the new Clinton County Jail is starting to take shape.

"We`re excited to have the opportunity to move in a new facility and it`ll be good for everybody, the inmates and the staff," said Clinton County Sheriff, Rick Lincoln.

The 22 million project started back in 2016. It will feature a new 911 call center, sheriff's office, and emergency management center.

"We have an obligation to provide a safe and secure environment. The people that spend the most time in jail are the correctional officers that work up there, and they deserve a good place to work," said Lincoln.

But costs are going up, the initial estimate of the project was 22 million dollars has hit almost $24 million dollars for taxpayers.

Sheriff Lincoln says he's trying to cut back costs by saving on furniture and appliances as well as re-modifying the structure of the building.

"There was supposed to be a two story entrance structure we`ve lowered that down to one story so we`re working really hard to keep as close to the original budget that we can but I think we`ll be over that a little bit ," said Lincoln.

Once construction is finished, the entire first floor will be the jail, while the second floor will hold the administrative offices. The jail that was built back in the 1960's and only held 44 beds for inmates, the new one will feature more than 100 beds.

"They still have things to do on the ground floor where they have to get underground so they can`t pour concrete yet. In order to stay on time they`re going to start doing some of the interior work on the second floor before they`re done with the first floor," said Lincoln.

The project is expected to be completed late January of next year.