League of United Latin American Citizens plan legal action against Iowa after new ‘Sanctuary Cities’ ban

Members of the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa plan to take legal action against the state.

This comes after Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed an immigration enforcement bill into law that bans ‘sanctuary cities,' Tuesday, April 10.

The legislation will require law enforcement to follow request from federal agents to hold a jailed person suspected of being in the country illegally.

LULAC’s Deputy State Director, Maria Bribriesco says the new law gives local officers unnecessary power that can be used to promote racial profiling.

“This bill is actually a racial profiling bill, it is going to violate the civil rights of people that may look different and that’s why I find it particularly offensive…I believe there will be escalation if certain law enforcement officers, who are not trained in immigration law are given this authority now.” Says Bribriesco.

The new law goes into effect this summer, but members from LULAC Iowa plan to meet with their lawyers on Monday to talk about their next step.