Wheel of Fortune contestant loses $7,000 in embarrassing gaffe

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A Wheel of Fortune contestant lost out on $7,000 and a trip to Spain after mispronouncing a word.

The contestant’s name was Jonny, and he correctly guessed the final letters in one of the puzzles, which read “Flamenco Dance Lessons.”

But Jonny said ‘flamingo’ rather than ‘Flamenco’. Jonny had a look of disbelief on his face as Pat Sajak buzzed him for the wrong answer.

His opponent Ashley then read the answer correctly and won the prize.

But it wasn’t his first mistake of the game.

Earlier in the episode, he landed on the $2,500 mark, and was two letters from solving the puzzle: “Dog and Pony Show Me the Money,” which was missing the letters ‘g’ and ‘p.’

He guessed ‘c.’

The good news is that Jonny ended up winning the game by solving the puzzle “What just happened?”

**The video below contains language that may be offensive**

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