Galesburg coffee shop donates $3,000 tips to family of Jenni McGruder

GALESBURG, Illinois -- A Galesburg coffee shop worked an entire day to give back to a family experiencing a time of tragedy.

The staff at Java Station spent Thursday, April 5th working for tips that would be donated to the two young children of Jenni McGruder, a 26-year-old wife and mother who lost her life on Easter.

They raised $2500 in tips, while the owner donated an additional $500 to make it an even $3000. More tips and donations will be accepted through this morning.

Java Shop owner, Melany Baldwin said the shop normally has two full-time workers on a given day, but on this donation day they brought in reinforcements.

Scroll down to hear a little more about their donation efforts and to meet some of the team.

"We have a teeny little space here," said Melany, "we're a double drive-through kiosk coffee shop."

But despite that little space, the baristas get along like family and work together like clockwork.

Collecting donations for a local cause is something they've done before.  But on this particular day, the community pulled through and donated $2,455. Melany said they planned to donate an extra $545 out of their till so they could donate an even $3,000.