Cold case involving dead toddler goes 5 years unsolved

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WARREN COUNTY, Illinois - The family of a two-year-old boy found dead five years ago and ruled a strangulation, say they feel his case has been forgotten by authorities.

Marcus Walsh was one month shy of his second birthday when he died.

His mother dropped him off at a home in Avon, Illinois to spend the night with his dad and dad's girlfriend. They called her the next morning and when she arrived, police were at the house.

"I got the call, I needed to get to Little Swan Lake. Something was wrong with him. Then, I went inside and that's when I seen Marcus laying on the floor, and got told he passed away," said Angela Jones, the boy's mom.

Four months later, the coroner ruled the death a homicide, caused by asphyxia, due to strangulation.

Jones says she is still waiting for someone to be held responsible, five years later.

"We need justice. Marcus needs, we all need peace in this case. Something needs to be done, the people who did this need to pay for what they have done," Jones said.

Illinois State Police Investigator Travis Dunlap says the case is still open.

"We hope to eventually present some things to the grand jury and bring this to justice," Dunlap said.

Family members were all questioned, but Jones says police have said they still need more evidence to charge someone.

Warrren County States Attorney Andy Doyle , who took over the office in 2016, says he's aware of the case, and it is still active, but there is nothing new in the 5-year-old investigation.

"They say they don't have enough evidence, but someone knows something. Someone needs to step up and take responsibility," Jones said.

"That night, Marcus cried. He didn't want to go to his dads."


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