2018 Easter sales on track to be nearly record-hitting

Easter sales for 2018 were expected to be nearly record-hitting.

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2017, Americans spent $18.4 billion on Easter.  The projections for 2018 landed Easter spending at $18.2 billion; of that $2.6 billion was expected to be spent on candy.

In the Quad Cities, people traditionally get their candy fix from Lagomarcino's.  The shop owner, Beth, said it's the chocolate eggs filled with homemade chocolate that makes customers return. In fact, Easter is one of their biggest sale times of the year.

"If it wasn't for Easter and Christmas, we wouldn't be here," said Beth.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, some families were enjoying an event at Natural Grocers.  The event was dubbed as a "healthy Easter egg hunt." Kids got the chance to hunt for eggs, play games and enjoy other Easter-themed activities.

Inside the egg were treat alternatives, like small toys and vitamins.

People making Easter-related purchases were expected to mostly shop at discount stores, according to the NFR. That's followed by department store shopping and then online retailers.