Rock Island rolls out plans to design new space in Hilltop Neighborhood

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - The city of Rock Island has unveiled plans for the empty corner off 30th Street and 14th Avenue in the city's Hilltop Neighborhood.

The lot has not always been empty, it used to be home of a comic store and an antique shop.

Last year a leaky propane tank caused an explosion, leaving the building in ruins.

On March 28, city leaders rolled out their plan to transform the lot into a community space with benches, landscaping and a mural.

Designers say once it's done, it will be perfect for food trucks and other pop-up vendors. Now, their goal is to make the transformation happen soon.

"We want this done in the next three months. we want it in, we want it ready for summer so people can utilize the space and figure out ways to use it." said Rock Island Planing and Redevelopment Administrator Ryan Berger.

The city says after getting public feedback, they are ready to start ordering new items for the space.