Local marijuana dispensary owner plans to take his appeal for a medical marijuana license to the Iowa Supreme Court


Matt Stern's attorneys filed legal action, Thursday, March 29, to bring their law suit all the way to the Iowa Supreme court.

The decision comes after a Seattle based company was awarded a license to for a medical marijuana dispensary in Davenport.

The Iowa Department of Public Health only allows five dispensaries in the state, one slated for the Quad Cities.

Stern says he thinks his offer is the strongest because of his local connections.

Original Story:

QUAD CITIES - The owner of a local medical marijuana dispensary lost it's appeal to stop Iowa from issuing a license for a dispensary in Davenport.

Matt Stern runs Natures Treatment Dispensary in Milan.

NTI applied for a license in Iowa, but said it was not even considered.

The company says it believes there was an administrative mix-up in the process, and filed an injunction today to have its application at least considered. However, a judge in Des Moines turned it down this afternoon.

"I think Iowa has done a terrific job in the process itself, but it just seems like something in the mechanism after it was filed got messed up and we just want our application looked at that's all we're trying to do." said Ron Glassner of Natures Treatment.

NTI says it has not decided if it will take the matter any further.

The decision comes on the same day that a West Coast company accepted an offer to open the Davenport dispensary.  It was one of three companies offered licenses in Iowa.

The company will build on the site of the former Kelly's bar and grill. The new dispensaries have to be up and running by December of 2018.