The six Mediapolis firefighter babies born seven months apart turn one

MEDIAPOLIS, Iowa-- Training tactics for the next generation of firefighters in this department might not seem typical. Watch out Mediapolis, Iowa, there's a new crew in town.

"They're the fire babies," says Mediapolis firefighter and proud dad Seth Eberhardt.

Let's take a baby step back one year when we met the crew.

Six firefighters and their wives each had one baby seven months apart.

"We all announced and then more announced every month, and we were like oh my gosh," remembers Katie Welp, firefighter wife and mom to one of the six.

Now they have a whole year of experience under their belts. They've perfected bubble popping and all the tactics that go into peek-a-boo. And their really finding their individual places in the group.

"They've all got majorly different personalities, and it's fun to see them all interact with each other," says firefighter and dad Adam Welp.

One of them, little Mia, loves her daddy's fire truck.

"We found out she loves that truck. She loves to climb inside," says Eberhardt.

Each year will bring new experiences for this growing family. And the futures for these babies have no limit.

"We have several second, even third generation fire department members. It's something that gets passed down. There's a good chance a lot of these kids could grow up to be firefighters," says Eberhardt.

And the big question now, will there be a round two? Not anytime soon for these families.

Life, like everyday in the fire house, you don't know what's going to come next. But one thing;s for sure for these firefighters in training.

"They'll grow up together. I'm sure they;ll be friends for a long time," says Eberhardt.

They'll always have each other.