Snow storm comes just short of all-time March record!

No question about it! This winter storm packed a punch. Snowfall rates were higher than two inches per hour for a time early Saturday. And the swath of heaviest snow produced more than a foot from just northeast of Cedar Rapids to Clinton, Iowa. In Lowden, Iowa, 14 inches of snow fell with 12 inches reported in Maquoketa, Clinton, and Fulton.

In the Quad Cities, 9.6 inches officially fell at the Quad City International Airport making this the second biggest March snow since record keeping began.

This storm brought the sharpest cutoff of snow from north to south that this forecaster has seen! Galena, Illinois, to our north received no accumulation. Burlington, Iowa, to our south received little/no accumulation. And with 14 inches reported in the middle, that's just incredible!

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen