Nailed it or failed it: Lava lamps

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For Friday, March 23rds Nailed it or Failed it, we threw a spin on the segment and did a Flashback Friday theme and took it back to a groovier time - the 60s!

We attempted to make lava lamps!

I got the idea from the blog, Lil Luna. The craft is easy, kid friendly, affordable and only requires 5 things.


– Plastic Bottles (we used VOSS water bottles)

– Vegetable Oil (baby oil works too)

– Water

– Food Coloring

– Alka-Seltzer



  1. Pour vegetable oil into the water bottles about a little more than half way
  2. Next, fill the rest with water
  3. Add food coloring
  4. Add alka-seltzer and watch it bubble!

TIP: You can turn the bottles upside down to see the "lava" move again but don't shake too hard - as it could take a few hours for the oil and water to separate if they are shaken too hard.

Did you know: Oil and water do not mix because oil is a non polar molecule and water is polar. The molecules are packed differently and do not like to mix with each other. That is why you see water and oil often sitting on top of each other and never fully mixing together.

Drink for Nailed It or Failed It

Jonathan Ketz is the greatest person in the world, and because of that, he decided to do another Ketz's Concoction for Friday. Since the NIOFI theme had to do with a 'blast from the past,' one of the alcohols that was apparently popular 'back in the day,' was Smirnoff.

So, Ketz went on to the company website and looked up a simple alcoholic recipe. He found one called Grapefruit Fizz.

Here are the ingredients for it.

1.5 oz of Smirnoff Ruby Red Grapefruit

4 oz of Club Soda

A squeeze of lime

Build in a glass over ice and garnish!

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