Bambi the dog recovers from abuse and finds loving home in Davenport

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DAVENPORT - They say that every dog has its day, but Bambi is due for a lifetime of love.

"She gave my husband a kiss, so that was it," recalled Maryann Bartz, on Wednesday, March 21.  "We decided she was going to be ours."

Bambi, named for another famous orphan, is part-Whippet, part-Labrador and all sweetness.

"She just needed somebody to care for her," she continued.

Month-old security footage shows somebody abandoning the dog in the dark, just outside King's Harvest Pet Rescue.  She was starving, abused and alone in the cold.

"When you feel Bambi, it is almost like feeling a skeleton," said Amanda Ellis, who helped to corral the dog on Sunday, February 18.

After weeks of vet care and T-L-C, Bambi is going home. She's about seven pounds heavier from regular meals and new friends. Those donors pitched in to help in a variety of ways.

"Making blankets, prayer circles, so many people," said Rochelle Dougall, King's Harvest Pet Rescue.  "All that definitely helped her get so much better, so much quicker."

Donning one gift, a blue sweater, shelter staffers are giving her a grand send-off.

After a short drive, Bambi is home but far from alone.  She's romping these days with her new siblings, Hunter (Dachshund) and Shyla (Brittany Spaniel).

"They're just having a good time together," said Bartz.  "It's good to see her play, be normal and do things I don't know if she ever had to do before."

Bambi, who is about two years old, finally has a chance to be a puppy.

"It's good to have her home," Bartz concluded.  "We're really lucky that we're the ones that got chosen to take her."

King's Harvest Pet Rescue is hosting an Open House on Saturday, March 24, from 10-5 at its shelter.  You'll find it at: 2504 West Central Park in Davenport, Iowa.

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