Des Moines cop with violent history being sued by man he attacked while on duty

Cody Grimes photo courtesy of WHO TV.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A fired and then reinstated Des Moines police officer, who once shot at a television cameraman, attacked a groom at a wedding and assaulted his girlfriend, has been sued in federal court for attacking a man who called police for help.

The lawsuit filed Monday in Des Moines by Charles Young claims officer Cody Grimes violated his constitutional rights by using excessive force.

Young called police in March 2016 for help with evicting guests from his apartment. He became angry and slammed the door as Grimes and another officer were leaving after declining to help. Grimes says the door hit him. He kicked in the door and forced Young to the floor, fracturing his ribs.

Grimes was fired in 2014 after assaulting a girlfriend, but the city’s civil service commission reinstated him.

City attorneys didn’t respond Tuesday to messages.