Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations bring out hundreds and hundreds.

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- A sea of green is took over the Freight House in downtown Davenport.

Hundreds turned out for the 14th Kelly's and Front Street's annual Saint Patrick's Day celebration.
They're teaming up this year for the first time to add another successful celebration under their belt.

The festivities brought out both longtime regulars and first timers.

We're having a great time so far all my friends are here we've had an absolutely amazing time," said Kelin Taylor, sporting a green beard for the festivities.

For some first timers it's a chance to try some the good ole' green beer.

"we took a picture of my first green beer so that was my celebrating traditions," said first time attendee Nicole Dempewolf from Dubuque, Iowa.

Her first sip of the Irish pride hits the spot.

"I think it tastes better cause it's green but it probably tastes the same," Dempewolf jokes.

Add music to the mix, more beer and crazy and silly costumes and you got yourself a party.



The event is expected to go until midnight on March 17th. Organizers say the event has brought out about 10,000 people each year.