Students walk out of class to support Parkland victims and survivors and rally for stricter gun control

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Students at Davenport Central High School stepped out of their morning classes to join thousands of others to take a stance against gun violence in schools.

On Wednesday morning they joined the National School Walkout to support Parkland survivors and raise awareness on the problem of school shootings.

Dozens filed out of the school and walked down to where the school's band normally practices.

Many students carried sign with quotes from Parkland Survivors one reading "We cannot protect our guns before we protect our children." Another student carried an orange sign with the number 17 representing the lost lives of those killed in the Parkland Shooting.

Several students wore orange t-shirts and ribbons, they say the color represents gun violence awareness.

Hundreds gathered in the field and were joined by Pleasant Valley students. There were parents and church members who stood by the field in solidarity and also carrying signs of support to get rid of gun violence in schools.

"My generation has completely failed to address this situation and it gives me such hope," said Tim Long, walkout supporter and Trinity Cathedral Church Member.

After they made their way to the band field, students held 17 minutes of silence for each Parkland victim and called out their names every minute.

"It was really kind of hard for me to stand up there and read them off and just understand that those people are gone and it's all because of gun violence," said Nina Lanco, walkout speaker and Davenport Central student.

"It's time we understood that we have the power to make change happen," said intro speaker Maria Duran Sanchez, "this is a walkout to let people know that students have the right to feel safe in school."

The students say they are asking for stricter gun control laws, so they can feel safe within their school walls.

"We're sick of this happening we're sick of waking up and looking at our phones and seeing that another mass shooting took place," said Lancolotti.

After the walkout students returned to their classrooms. Some of them say this is a step to make bigger changes in the future and they will be reaching out to local lawmakers to make sure their voices are heard.

More students join National School Walkout. 

Geneseo High School students gather outside the school for a moment of silence for the 17 Parkland victims.


Kewanee High School walkout. In an email sent to News 8, one student claimed the school reprimanded students for walking out.