My Favorite Teacher: Honoring the little things

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ALEXIS, Illinois – When Katie Dutton was pulled out of class that morning, her third grade teacher, Mrs. Shimmin was a little curious. But it all made sense about 30 minutes later, when Katie walked back in holding a plaque.

"Mrs. Shimmin you're my favorite teacher!" Katie exclaimed.

"So that's where you've been," Mrs. Shimmin replied, shocked. "Thank you, sweetheart."

Dutton nominated Mrs. Shimmin for WQAD News 8's "My Favorite Teacher" award, sponsored by Blackhawk Bank and Trust and Western Illinois University - Quad Cities. Her nomination letter was chosen out of all the entries. Jane Shimmin has taught third grade for 33 years at United North Elementary in Alexis.

Katie says Mrs. Shimmin teaches her favorite subject, science. Just that day, she says Mrs. Shimmin taught the class how snow geese use the Mississippi River in their migration. Katie says she always has little tricks that help her learn math.

"Mrs. Shimmin taught us tricks for multiplying, like 8 times 8 fell on the floor and picked it up as 64," she sang.

Katie also wanted to recognize Mrs. Shimmin for being kind and helpful.

"One time Mrs. Shimmin helped me when my shoelace was stuck on the chair," Katie said. "Mrs. Shimmin is so likeable, sweet and kind."

"She mentioned getting her laces stuck in the chair, and I remember that like it happened yesterday," laughed Mrs. Shimmin.

Katie's words of appreciation mean a lot to Mrs. Shimmin as she prepares to leave her teaching career, retiring after 34 years.

"I just love Katie, and I love teaching third grade," she said. "This just about brought me to tears."

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