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Muscatine woman thankful for a new beginning one year after EF 2 tornado hits

MUSCATINE-- Shirley Starkweather says she will never forget the tornado that sliced through her neighborhood one year ago, Wednesday March, 7.

“I’ve seen tornadoes in a distance but I’ve never ever gone through one (before) and I hope I don’t ever have to go through another one,” she says.

The EF 2 tornado destroyed a number of homes surrounding Kent Stein Park, on the south side of Muscatine.

Starkweather says she and her husband was home the night of the storm. They lost the siding of their house and three kitchen windows.

“We got up and into the hallway and just bam. I looked out into the kitchen and all my windows were imploded,” says Starkweather.

Although traces of the storm still linger she says the neighborhood has transformed since the storm.

“There was a big tree laying down there and one over there but most of it has been cleaned up though,” she says.

Thankful for a new beginning and the help from first responders who answered the call for help.

“I know just as well as I’m standing in front of you that god had his hand in this,” she says.