Illinois lawmakers meet to discuss state’s teacher shortage

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - On March 7, Illinois Lawmakers met to discuss how they plan to deal with the state of Illinois' teacher shortage.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, there are more than one thousand teaching positions currently unfilled throughout the state. Now, there are several plans to improve the conditions in Illinois.

One bill would let future teachers from other states get refunds on their application fees after teaching for one year. Another, would let teachers aid's renews their licenses for free.

"I constantly run into teachers and hear stories from teachers that its very disheartening as far as what the profession is for them. And its not the lack of passion or the dedication." said Caroline Sanchez-Cozier, a LULAC Advocate.

The teacher shortage is also having an impact on substitute teachers.

A recent survey shows out of 400 school districts, schools cannot find subs to cover the more than 3,000 absences each and every week.