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Davenport church vandalized with dead animals hung from tree

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DAVENPORT-- We know Pastor Tammy Ruffin is proud of her church, Davenport Friends Church New Beginnings. That's why we know she'd rather be showing something else. But we don't know who's behind the vandalism.

Pastor Tammy thinks her church is the target of a hate crime.

With tire tracks covering the lawn, things have gotten worse.

"Squirrels here or rabbit. Possum, possum, possum," explains Pastor Tammy.

Five dead animals around a tree, and one animal hanging in a tree.

"It's scary that this kind of stuff can come to the Quad Cities area," says Pastor Tammy.

And there's more.

Pastor Tammy says a few weeks back, someone spray painted red swastikas on the church doors. She painted over most of it, but now the concrete in the parking lot is torn up. Pastor Tammy thinks the damage is purposely in the shape of a swastika.

"A member on Sunday, they came out to look at it, and they said no, that's a swastika," says Pastor Tammy.

Hate crime or not, she says someone is threatening her church.

"You hear about schools being tortured and tormented, just terrorized. But you don't know it until it happens in your own backyard," says Pastor Tammy.

She has filed a police report, and she's doing more. She says she has to.

"We're going to beef up security with cameras and lighting. And we're going to start a community watch," says Pastor Tammy.

Someone's not happy the church is there, but Pastor Tammy says it's not leaving.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm home, this is home," says Pastor Tammy.

The Davenport Police Department is looking into the case.

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