Trump’s tariff talk troubles KVF Quad Corporation in East Moline

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois -- Business is booming inside the KVF Quad Corporation plant on Monday, March 5.  It's running two shifts and filling new jobs.

But managers warn that proposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum would be bad for its bottom line.

"We're going to lose a bunch of business, and it's probably not going to come back this way," said General Manager Eric Davis.

This four-decade-old, family-owned business, works a lot with Deere & Company, plus a variety of diverse clients.

It fears that tariffs will drive costs up and orders down.

"It blows my mind that this decision can be made overnight and without the consideration of how many people it might effect," he continued.

Davis worries that tariffs will bite back against American firms trying to compete in the global economy. That includes reciprocal actions by countries like Canada and Mexico.

"You have that transition period where you're just going to lose," he said.  "Everybody loses."

This thriving local business, with 45 employees, wants to preserve the status quo before threatened mandates force a slump.

"What is going to be the risk that's involved in this?" Davis asked.  "Is the risk worth the reward?  If it's not, then it's obviously a bad decision to be making."

It's all about the cost of doing business and preserving American jobs.  At KVF Quad Corporation, they'll be watching closely.

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