Scott County locals focus on gun control issues in legislative forum

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Gun control and school shootings was on the minds of most locals at the Scott County Legislation Forum on March 3rd.

The forum took place at Madison Elementary where eight Iowa state lawmakers faced some heated questions, including if they were taking donations from the NRA.

Those questions were followed up on how the representatives and senators were going to address gun control and school shootings.

"My question is how many children need to die to get weapons capable of mowing down tons of people, banned?" asked a local high school student to lawmakers.

One mother at the forum was brought to tears when talking about the fear of sending her son to school  the day after school shooting of Parkland, Florida.

The heated statements and questions were met with applause from others in attendance. They're pushing lawmakers for stricter gun control and demanding more funding for schools and for mental health.

Republican State Representative, Gary Mohr told constituents the issue of gun control is much more complex stating it's a background check issue, age issue, and second amendment issue.

"I think we need to have a bigger discussion about all those issues and have a plan that deals with all of them cause anyone on it's own is not going to solve the problem," said Mohr to the crowd.

Monica Zurth, Democrat State Representative says she is in support of a piece of legislation that would temporarily take away guns from those deemed a threat to themselves or others, called Extreme Risk Protection order.






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