Burlington Middle School student charged with terroristic threats after graffiti found inside bathroom

BURLINGTON, Iowa - A 14-year-old boy was charged with terroristic threats on February 27 after police were notified of graffiti inside a bathroom at Aldo Leopold Middle School.

The graffiti made reference to a "potentially violent incident" that was going to take place. Police say the threat that was made fit the elements of a crime that would be considered terrorism.

School resource officers say that after an investigation, they learned that the student also made verbal threats to students during the course of the day.

Police identified the 14-year-old boy as a suspect, and detectives interviewed him. The interviews led to his arrest.

The student was brought to the Lee County Juvenile Detention Center. He is being held there pending a court appearance.

Police say they are working with school officials to make sure the environment is safe and that they will remain visible throughout the school system.