What changes you’ll see in Moline as I-74 Bridge construction heads into spring

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- Workers expected to make a lot of progress on the Interstate 74 corridor in 2018.

A planning coordinator, James Threadgill, stopped in for an update during the monthly Transportation Policy Committee meeting Tuesday, February 27th.

Threadgill is the deputy corridor manager for the project, and explained that most of the impact will be on local traffic.

On Monday, March 5th, 5th Avenue from just east of 19th Street to 21st Street, will close for good.

"Right now it's just a matter of setting up and closing the road so that the contractor can get to work on the bridge in that area," said Threadgill.  That portion of 5th Avenue will eventually turn into a turaround.

He also said that workers are making improvements to 19th Street, preparing it to become a detour in 2019.  Westbound lanes will eventually be closed, forcing Iowa-bound traffic off the highway at Avenue of the Cities, where drivers will take 19th Street down River Drive to re-enter onto I-74.

Perhaps the most visual change will be piers surfacing from the water and popping up on land in Moline.  He said these piers will appear during the springtime.

Threadgill said over the winter, 100 workers kept at it during two shifts, six days each week. That's allowed the project to stay on the estimated timeline.

Hundreds of workers will have worked on the project by the time it has been completed.

Click here to see bridge project schedule. 


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