Rock Island students and parents demand answers after “confusing” lockdown

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - Rock Island students are demanding better communication after a lockdown at the high school.

The lockdown happened on Wednesday, February 21 and lasted nearly an hour. Some students say it was utter confusion.

"Last week when we had the lockdown, my sister, I didn`t know how she was doing. My mom was really scared with the events that happened the previous week. We didn`t know what was going on." said Christina Fisher, a Junior at Rock Island High School.

Students who were inside the school at the time of the lockdown say they heard about it from friends through text messages and Snapchat.

They say nobody really knew what was going on.

It was later determined that there was no direct threat to the high school.

The lockdown took place on the same day when students were planning a walkout to protest a lack of legislative action on gun control, which only added to the confusion.

The walkout was in response to the school shooting in Parkland Florida in early February.

"I mean, nothing even happened after the Pulse nightclub shooting, nothing happened then, and after the Vegas shooting, nothing`s happened until now," said Richard Ross, a Sophomore at Rock Island High School.  "So we want to make this as big as we possibly can, so it can be nationwide so they know that this is a big deal that needs to be cracked down on."

Many students at Rock Island High School are planning another walkout in the near future.

One will take place in March and another will take place in April.

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