Galesburg’s Orpheum Theater ready for its close-up with 360 photography

GALESBURG, Illinois -

Galesburg's grand showplace, the Orpheum Theater, is ready for its close-up these days.

"It's our legacy," said Larry Butts, Simone's 3-D Tour Gallery, on Monday, February 26.  "It's our history. It's our  past."

Simone Williams, toting a fancy camera, is really performing theater-in-the-round.

"It's kind of like a learning experience," she said.

The German-born, Bloomington-based photographer is circling the theater with her camera.

"There will be shots taken roughly every seven feet," Butts said.

Each loop will produce hundreds of pictures.

"I have to find a way to get them all connected," she continued.  "Show the theater from the downstairs to the upstairs."

Williams and Butts started their gallery when their jobs at Mitsubishi ended.  On Monday's shoot, they're giving the century-old Orpheum the attention it deserves.

"It's just really cool to be able to document these beautiful buildings," he said.

This restored theater captures the glory days, and the way it used to be.  Staffers will use the photo tour to attract audiences and future acts.

"It was a vaudeville theater, and then it became a grand movie palace," said Orpheum's Executive Director Kevin Maynard.  "They don't build these like this any more."

This photography will be used with Google Maps, websites and Orpheum materials.

"It needs to be put out and showcased for the world to see," Williams concluded.

Check for samples of their work.