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East Moline School district makes sure parents are aware of security measures

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EAST MOLINE - Safety is at the height of everyones mind in the East Moline School District.

"School should not be a place where children are afraid to go and parents should not be nervous about sending their kids," said Evelyn Ross, parent.

On Monday night at the school board meeting Superintendent Kristin Humphries wanted to take time during the school board meeting to assure parents a security plan is in place.

"This madness can't continue if our families hear of something or they know something's happening with their child reach out to their schools, reach out to law enforcement, let them know, the best thing we can do is communicate," said Humphries.

Right now each school in the district has security cameras and all doors are secured.

"Unless there's a reason to be inside the building nobody is buzzed through to come through the building," said Humphries.

Those inside the building can be identified with badges.

"Everyone that is walking throughout our building should have some identification that they belong here," said Humphries.

Those standards are set but Humphries wants to make sure everyone's aware of any changes to their crisis plan by making them available digitally.

"The ability to move our crisis plans electronically, right now when we make changes and tweaks to our plans we have to print them off and we have to make sure everybody has the right copy," said Humphries.

Parents say they feel secure with the plans in place.

"We don't want to make our schools prisons or anything like that and we just need to ride that line between safety and then scaring the kids and I think they're doing good right now," said Charles Ross, parent.

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