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North Shore Drive residents deal with Rock River Floods

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MOLINE, Illinois--  North Shore Drive residents are breathing a sigh of relief after Rock River waters levels are expected to come down, although flood levels in Moline are still in effect.

There's also been a trend in residents taking measures to prevent their homes from being flooded. They're raising their homes above ground level.

Resident Steve Vynke has dealt with floods for about 6 years in the North Shore Drive area.

After dealing with last years floods, he decided to invest in his home and have it raised a little over 5 feet.

Knowing (that) the carpets not going to be wet  and you're not going to be squishing around in wet stinky carpet with all the mess and's well worth it," said Vynke.

Vyncke says the rise in his flood insurance rates tripled and pushed him to invest into his home.

"It's quite costly but the piece of mind is worth every penny of it," said Vyncke.

He's seen the trend in neighbors raising their homes grow over the years after the big flood in 2008.

The Rock River is expected to stay above flood stages through next week.





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