Constant temp changes creating worst pothole problem for Moline

MOLINE, Illinois-- The beginning of the year is always the worst time for potholes.

"I'm always afraid I'm going to blow a tire when I go over a pothole," says Becky Wierenga, who says the potholes on 16th street have been a problem while driving on her way to work.

Moline crews are already out dealing with an increase number of potholes in the area.

The Moline Public Works Department says they're working on filling the holes with asphalt. He says the constant weather change we've been experiencing this year is to blame.

"The staff is really focused on those main routes where traffic flow is the heaviest," said Rodd Schick, Municipal Services General Manager.

Crews have been out all week scooping, shoveling and packing down hot asphalt on the roads.

The constant weather change is to blame for the roads to crack severely this year says Schick.

It got really cold then warm and then it got really cold again. It's from the really dramatic freeze thaw cycles that have gone on," said Schick.

Schick says once the temperatures warm back up again they'll be able to use the automated machines. The automated machines helps keep the asphalt last longer.