Two high schools put on “precautionary” lock downs

KNOXVILLE, Illinois -- Administrators put Knoxville High School on "soft lock down" Wednesday after a student turned in a threatening note to staff, the Register-Mail reported on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

School administrators said it was a "non-credible" threat, which led to the decision to not cancel classes. The soft lock down was instituted as a "precaution."

The Knoxville Police were notified and helped make the determination that the threat was not credible, authorities said.

In a statement to the paper, Superintendent Steve Wilder encouraged parents to talk with students and have them report things they see or hear that seem unusual.

"We just want to make sure the students are safe and the best way to do that is open communications," Wilder told the Register-Mail.  "We’ve got over 1,000 students in our district, so that can be challenging at times, but I think the best way to keep students and staff safe is to have open communications.”

Rock Island High School was also put on a lock down on February 21. School officials there say the lock down was precautionary. There was no credible threat made in that incident either.