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Significant flooding possible on the Rock this week, Mississippi next week

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A trifecta of melting snow, jamming ice, and heavy rain could lead to some big problems on the "Mighty Rock."

If you live along the Rock River, use the next day to get ready for flooding. A perfect combination of heavy rain and quick snow-melt will cause a quick rise over the next few days.

Flood Watches are in effect for the entire length of the Rock River from Jefferson County, Wisconsin, all the way to Rock Island, Illinois. It's too early to accurately forecast the significance of the rise, but it's possible that some major flooding could be seen by week's end.

In addition, ice jams could happen in just the next 24 hours. These will occur near the sharp turns in the river and upstream of bridges.

The Rock is expected to fully crest by this weekend or early next week. By that time, the Mississippi River will be on the rise due to snow melt across Wisconsin.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen