Abused dog Bambi offers love to rescuers in Davenport survival saga

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A neglected and homeless pooch is touching the hearts of animal rescuers in Davenport.

Bambi, named for another famous orphan, is a lovable young dog in need of a miracle or two.

"When you feel Bambi, it is almost like feeling a skeleton," said Amanda Ellis, who helped to corral the abandoned dog on Sunday, February 18.

Security footage shows somebody unloaded the dog in the dark, just outside the shelter early Sunday.

"At first glance, we thought it was somebody who had donated a kennel," said Ellis.

The dog managed to slip from the kennel, wandering outside for seven hours.

"She was cowering between another building next to us, screaming in fear," Ellis recalled.

Ellis and Bambi became fast friends over the past day, getting her emergency vet care with time running out.

"The fact that she was still standing upright is a surprise," she said.

The sweet-faced dog with an emaciated body and skin infections is now getting lots of care.

"She has not growled," she continued.  "She has not nipped. She has not shown any sign of aggression."

Despite a lifetime of abuse, this dog is beating the odds to one day live with a loving family.

"It really goes to show how much of a survivor Bambi truly is," Ellis said.  "She has a very strong will to live, and she's going to."

Bambi should be ready for adoption in about a month.  That's after some good meals and lots of TLC at King's Harvest Pet Rescue.

"You have to come to that realization way before it gets to this point because this is abuse," Ellis concluded.

The no-kill shelter depends on donations to cover care and expenses.  Bambi's bills have already topped $600.

Monetary donations can be mailed to: King's Harvest Pet Rescue, 2504 W. Central Park Ave., Davenport, IA. Call (563-386-3117), or check its website at http://www.kingsharvestpetrescue.org//

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