Muslim Community of the Quad Cities holds memorial ceremony for victims of Parkland, Florida shooting

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BETTENDORF--Religious leaders, parents and teachers joined the Muslim Community of the Quad Cities to mourn the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Florida Sunday, February 18.

“We can pray all we want but we really need people to do something about it… I’ve been to way too many of these and to be quite honest I and the people around me are sick and tired of this,” says Rabbi Jeffrey Lipschultz.

For Quad City teacher Anne Berger, the interfaith vigil was an opportunity to have a real conversation about the dangers inside the classroom.

“(My students) saw blood carnage and murdered children… we have got to take away the ability to kill large amounts of people with one trigger. It’s a starting point” says Berger.

Organizations like "Moms Demand Action for Gun Control" were also represented during today's vigil. They encouraged everyone to join them in their efforts to push for more gun related legislation.

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