Davenport animal shelter trying to find out who abused a dog and left it outside the shelter

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DAVENPORT-- King's Harvest Pet Rescue is trying to find out who left a malnourished black lab outside the shelter overnight.

Employees say a dog crate with a blanket over it showed up at the shelter's door around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday February 17, 2018. The dog was found wandering around the parking lot.

The dog was caught, and got veterinarian care immediately after.

Shelter employees say right now, the focus is on getting the dog warm, fed, and comfortable.

Here is the post from King Harvest's Facebook page:

This morning, we were heartbroken to find this pup outside of our building. A man had dropped her off in the dark around 1:30am in a kennel with a blanket tossed over it. Bambi was able to get out of the kennel and was wandering the property-thanks to our incredible staff, we were able to catch her and get her to the vet immediately upon rescuing her. Bambi is extremely malnourished and was initially terrified. She cowered with any human attempt to get close to her. Today’s focus has been warming her up, feeding her and showing her the love and attention that she deserves. She has shown comfort in children, enjoys cuddling, being petted and has remained calm and brave throughout the process. She has a way to go, naturally, but we are sincerely reaching out to the community for donations to go toward her recovery in hopes to get her healthy and happy to in turn find her forever home. As heartbreaking as this situation is, we are beyond grateful that she wound up with us, in our care as unfortunate as today’s events have been. We will continue to show her our best and with your support, she will be turned around and in the best of health! Please click the blue “donate” button on our page, stop by or send mail to:
2504 W Central Park Avenue
Davenport, IA 52804

Thank you Quad Cities!

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