Spring warmth and thunderstorms possible early next week

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Who's ready for some Spring weather? Today, it will be close...but not into any of our forecast area. Places like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield, Illinois have an opportunity to see sixty-degree weather! For us, snow melt continues and that will keep us much cooler.

Even though we have a strong cold front tonight and even an opportunity for a dusting of snowfall Saturday, all eyes are on a system that could bring our first thundery weather of the year.

Monday's set up isn't overly symptomatic of severe weather, but thunderstorms will be possible...at least looking at the weather models.

The set up shows a low pressure system moving into Central Iowa. Ahead of it, warm, moist, and unstable air will move in with some gusty wind. Temperatures could reach 60 degrees if we don't have any snow on the ground by that time. On the warm front and the trailing warm front, thunderstorms will be possible. Timing is suspect this far in advance, as are the particulars. But if you've been craving something other than fog or snow, you just might have something satisfying next week.

We'll continue to monitor the upcoming weather systems into the weekend.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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