Genesis patients feel the love through children’s drawings

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Student volunteers spend a little time each week bringing some light to hospital patients.

Genesis patient, 55-year-old Janice, picks out a drawing from the pile

Through a program called "Art from the Heart," elementary students from the area draw pictures with well-wishes for those staying at Genesis.  Then, student volunteers distribute those drawings to patients.

Payton Janney and Elli Ivanic volunteered Wednesday, February 14th.  It's something they regularly do and it's something they love.

Ivanic said sometimes patients will well up with tears out of joy to have the visitors and the gift.

Students have the freedom to draw whatever they want for the patients. On the back, students list their school and grade.

"Sometimes we'll sit there and talk to them and they'll be like, "You guys have been like my only visitor today," or "Today was a really rough day and you guys like really made it better."

Janney explained that the visitors the program brings aim to bring peace to the mind.

"Usually when people come to visit (the patients), it's to make their body better, but we're there to kind of boost their spirits and help them psychologically."

The program launched in the fall of 2017.

If you would like to learn how to volunteer in the program, click here.