Family mourns the loss of man killed in car crash on highway 67

ALEDO, Illinois-- The pain of losing her husband is something Aishia McClay wishes on no one.

"My heart aches so bad," said McClay, as she is comforted by surrounding family and friends in her living room.

Police say 35-year-old Terrence McClay was in one of the cars that collided with another on Highway 67 Tuesday night.

His wife Aishia says he was driving a friend to Rock Island before the crash happened. And found out about the accident from a friend on Facebook.

Terrence and the other driver 35 year-old Dennis Swinford Jr. of Sherrard, Illinois, were both pronounced dead on scene.

"I'm just numb my best friend is gone," said Aishia.

He now leaves behind a wife and six children. The youngest being 2 years-old.

"To have to tell your kids that their dad is no longer coming back...that's the hardest thing," said Aishia

Terrance was the only child of Mary McClay.

"He will be missed. He was loved by a lot of people," said Mary as she held back her tears.

Mary says he grew up in the south-side of Chicago and moved to the Quad City area back in 2007. He lived in Aledo, Illinois with his family and worked at a meatpacking company Smithfield.

His family and friends describe him as a 6'2 teddy bear with a giant heart.

"(He was) just amazing. A great husband a great father that went to work everyday for his family," said Aishia.

The family says they plan to bury Terrance in his hometown of Chicago. His funeral will be held February 24th.

Police are still investigating the accident. An autopsy for Terrence and Swinford is scheduled for February 15th.