Baer brothers share bond as Hawks

For the Baer brothers,  basketball has always been a big part of life.

"Playing together in the backyard.  Just always trying to block his shot and not trying to give up anything easy," smiled Nicholas.

"I had a chip on my shoulder.  He was older, taller and bigger so it was tough to get to the basket," explains Michael.

"Nicholas is undefeated --- that's what it would be," said Nicholas and Michael had to agree.

The Baers shared a love for basketball--- and a certain team in Iowa City.

"I remember like Jeff Horner, Adam Haluska, Greg Brunner.  Those are the 1st kind of games I went to," explains Michael.

"Growing up I was probably playing 1 on 1 with him pretending I was Greg Brunner, " admits Nicholas.

"I just remember being a huge fan, getting to got to games, waving the pom poms and getting excited.  It was a big part of my childhood," adds Michael

Older brother Nicholas - is now a Hawkeye himself-- earning a scholarship and starting role in 3 plus years in Iowa City,  but Nicholas now has some company on the Iowa bench.

Little brother Michael is making the most of his opportunity as a team manager.

"Nicholas actually helped me out a lot," explains Michael. "He talked to 1 of the coaches and he got me in touch with 1 of the managers.  I had to work the summer as kind of a try out.  I got selected and I'm here now."

"I get a chance everyday to hang out with my little brother so it's something that i cherish," said Nicholas.  It's great to have him as part of the program as to start to see each other a little more as peers."

Michael has a important role in the Iowa program both before, during, and after games.  But he's quick to point out that doesn't include as coach.

"I try to stay quiet pretty much," admits Michael. "After a good play I'll let him know he did something well  but he's smart.  He knows what he did right and what he did wrong so he doesn't need a whole lot of coaching."

"Whenever i come out of a game no matter good or bad I always go down the bench and give everyone high 5's and I always look forward to giving Michael one.  Good or bad I always enjoy his presence there."

Both Baer boys are now living their dream as Hawkeyes ---- and both extremely proud of each other.

"He's here more than i am." explains Nicholas. "There's a lot of things to be proud of about Michael Baer"
"It's really exciting just to watch him play and see everything," adds Micahael.  Watching him on TV, watching him on the floor.  He's living out his dream so it makes me happy to see him do what he likes to do."

The Baer's now on the same team --- but the competitive side never really goes completely away.

"I've been asking him to play - he just won't do it. smiles Michael.

"That's news to me -- we haven't played 1 on 1 in a little bit but we can definitely get a game going."